Italy: Prime Minister’s Fate Hinges on Upcoming Referendum 


For months, Italy has been preparing for a constitutional referendum that will decide whether to limit the role of the Senate and shift more power from regions to the central government. On Dec. 4, that vote will finally take place. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi hopes that the electorate approves the reform measures, insisting that they would yield stronger and more stable governments.Polls, however, suggest that a large number of voters oppose them. According to a weekly EMG poll published Nov. 14, 34.9 percent of those who planned to vote are in favor while 39.2 percent oppose with 25.9 percent still undecided and a total of 40.2 percent of the electorate as a whole abstaining. A similar poll by Tecne says 23.2 percent of Italians would approve the measures and 25.3 percent would not, with 51.6 percent undecided or abstaining.

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